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Mossy pathway

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Above is my Pinterest inspiration for the short walkway on the side of our house.

Below is our walkway before landscaping and our pile of bricks (from tearing down the chimney).

2012-09-30 2012-09-30 001 027

2012-09-23 2012-09-23 001 002


The fancier bricks were left scattered around our lot by the previous owners. The plants have some growing to do before it looks like the one on Pinterest but I really like how it turned out. It have a feeling I will LOVE it during the muddy Portland rainy season!

2013-04-11 2013-04-11 005 002

Now I really need to do something about that empty space to the left…

2013-04-11 2013-04-11 005 001


About Us

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We live in Portland, Oregon with our two very sociable black cats, Saki and Pixie. We are approaching  7 (mostly) wonderful years and have moved from northern Arizona, to Bend, to this beautiful city of Portland where we plan to stay and build our futures. We are passionate about creating beautiful and functional art by repurposing old materials.

In May we welcomed our first child, Ansel Jude, the inspiration for many of the projects on this blog. In particular transforming the second bedroom of our apartment into a nursery that reflects the beauty of nature, specifically the forests of the Pacific Northwest. We also recently bought our first home. It is a real fixer and will no doubt provide endless project opportunities.

Tom is a project manager/ building analyst for a green building company and also a full-time student. Tom is a Level I Ski (PSIA) and Level II Snowboard (AASI) instructor. When he has free time (what’s that again?) he loves nothing more than to be on the slopes.

Arian was a Public Health student at PSU until Ansel was born. She looks forward to returning soon! Arian is also a licensed Aesthetician and has a background in the performing arts. She loves to dance, sing and write music.

In addition to the nursery projects, some of the most quality time we have spent together has been working on various other projects for our home and cats. We hope to post all of these projects along with the steps we took in creating them.

Welcome to our blog. Thank you for visiting!