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Finished Nursery

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The nursery is finished!

Well actually it was finished about 4 1/2 months ago, in time for Ansel’s arrival, but I am just now getting around to write about it. I am so pleased with how it turned out. There is a lot going on but that is how I tend to decorate. I get going and want every part of the room to be special. At least I know visual stimulation is NOT something Ansel will lack!

I also like that many elements in this room are appropriate for when he’s older as well. (Where the Wild Things Are, anyone?) This room also works for a child of either gender. Heck, I would put half of this stuff in my own bedroom.

Click picture to see the panorama full size.

Here I am, so glad to be finished with this room and so ready to have the baby. Four months later I have yet to look that well-rested!


Boho bird mobile

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Next to the tree wall, I would have to say this bird mobile is my favorite part of the nursery. I first spotted this mobile in the DIY section of this blog and fell in love with it. I don’t have the patience to be much of a seamstress, however, and even though the pattern online looked fairly simple, it also looked very time consuming. I sent pictures of the mobile to my mother-in-law, who also made my fabulous crib bedding, in hopes that she would be inspired. Thankfully she took the bait and about a month before Ansel was born I got a package with these lovelies inside.

Putting the rest of the mobile together turned out to be more of a process than I had expected. Tom scored some laurel branches from a landscaper. We bought some wire to attach the birds to the branches with and used some jute twine that we had on hand to hang the branches.

I cut the wire cuts into short pieces and threaded them through the cloth to serve as “feet”. We attached the wire feet loosely to the branches so we could easily adjust the birds.

Next came the balancing act. Thankfully my husband took the lead in this because I sure wouldn’t have had the patience to make it happen on my own! Tom tied the branches together to find the center balance point. He then drilled holes through the branches.

We ended up using masking tape around the birds in addition to the wire as a more effective temporary hold. (Here I am nine months pregnant and SO ready to meet Ansel.)

Little Ansel loves watching his mobile almost as much as he loves staring up into real tree branches.

About Us

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We live in Portland, Oregon with our two very sociable black cats, Saki and Pixie. We are approaching  7 (mostly) wonderful years and have moved from northern Arizona, to Bend, to this beautiful city of Portland where we plan to stay and build our futures. We are passionate about creating beautiful and functional art by repurposing old materials.

In May we welcomed our first child, Ansel Jude, the inspiration for many of the projects on this blog. In particular transforming the second bedroom of our apartment into a nursery that reflects the beauty of nature, specifically the forests of the Pacific Northwest. We also recently bought our first home. It is a real fixer and will no doubt provide endless project opportunities.

Tom is a project manager/ building analyst for a green building company and also a full-time student. Tom is a Level I Ski (PSIA) and Level II Snowboard (AASI) instructor. When he has free time (what’s that again?) he loves nothing more than to be on the slopes.

Arian was a Public Health student at PSU until Ansel was born. She looks forward to returning soon! Arian is also a licensed Aesthetician and has a background in the performing arts. She loves to dance, sing and write music.

In addition to the nursery projects, some of the most quality time we have spent together has been working on various other projects for our home and cats. We hope to post all of these projects along with the steps we took in creating them.

Welcome to our blog. Thank you for visiting!