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Snowboard Bench

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This picture is the inspiration behind the name “Lax Cat Creations.”  This is one of my first “creations”.  The Elan 155cm snowboards were from Arizona Snowbowl where I first went snowboarding for “real”.  I had spent many a school snow day in the woods on a cheap K-Mart snowboard, but the Elan 155 was the first legit board I rode.

The construction crew I was on was building a Santa Fe styled home and had a number of viga poles throughout the house.  These two are the ones that didn’t get thrown into the wood stove that winter.  I used a chain saw, angle grinder, and drill to create the bench.

Arian never let me bring it in the house, so it was relegated to the deck. When moving from Bend, OR to Portland, we were trying to downsize and the bench and I parted ways. During the last hour of our weekend garage sale, a single mom stopped in looking for a gift for her five-year old boy who just learned to ride that winter.

I do miss adding stickers from snowboard trips and new gear, but the thought of it in some young boys room acting as a catch-all brings a smile to my face.

– Tom


Snowboard Light Fixture

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In 2000 my Dad picked up three snowboards from a pawn shop in Phoenix, AZ for Christmas.  My brother and I both rode ours hard and long, but Dad rode his once before reverting back to his skis.  Before I left AZ, I snagged his old Morrow Spoon to add to my collection of old blown up snowboards in need of a new life.

After settling into Bend, OR in 2008, I was in need of a light for my garage work bench.  Eyeing the old outdated technology stacked in the corner gathering dust, an idea for a light was born.

A quick trip to the local Habitat ReStore and an old $2 bathroom four-lamp fixture later, I started cutting into the board.

Snowboards are built with a number of different layers of materials.  Some have wood and fiber glass cores, other have thin layers of metal.  All boards have steel inserts that the bindings mount to.  While a large diameter hole saw would have been cleaner and quicker, the cost of such a bit was too much.

Using a a few blades and a simple jig saw, I cut out the holes for the light bulbs to mount in.

Using some 1x wood scraps from a job site I was working on, I built a box to mount the light fixture in.

The jig saw left a pretty rough edge, so a quick Dremel pass to round of the edges helped give a cleaner look.

WARNING: this light is not UL listed, but some common sense in wiring up the fixture can over come safety concerns.


This light works perfectly for illuminating my new boards’ wax and repair sessions I regularly have, but I hope to one day hang this light over a pool table, bar, or feature wall. Unfortunately, I think it may take getting a man cave as it clashes with my wife’s folk decor.

Morrow Spoon 164.

For Dad…the bandit that stole your ride.

– Tom